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Misthåvn, the City of Scoundrels is a floating City of Sigmar on the Penumbral Sea of the Realm of Ulgu. [1a]

Whilst normally the port is made up of a massive collection of ships moored to the shores of Cape Tenebrax, the city can be broken up or moved across the Penumbral Sea as necessary.[1a]


The city is divided into ‘Armadas’, often commanded by cunning Scourge Privateers Fleetmasters and other Admirals. [1a]


The people of the city are proud of their dubious reputation and all but openly mock the decrees of Azyr. [1a]


Every form of illicit or contraband goods takes place in the city, narcotics, dark illusory magic and even stolen Chaos weapons, are said to trade hands.[1a]


Many strange and diverse narcotics first gained ground in the shadowy markets of Misthåvn. But over the years the drugs have swiftly spread to the black markets of many other Free Cities, and from these centers of trade they spread far and wide, to the point they, and drugs much like them, can be found in most major cities of the Mortal Realms.[3a] The city's leaders have also been known to use their own wares.[1b]

Some of the more renowned narcotics sold within the city are:


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