Golden Lions

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Coat of Arms of the Golden Lions

The Golden Lions, also called the Flagwavers, are one of the seventeen major Freeguilds of Hammerhal Aqsha.[1a] Their regiments are counted among the legendary Goldjackets, who are regarding as a crusading symbol as potent as the Banners Heraldor.[4a]


While all seventeen major Freeguilds of Hammerhal Aqsha are expansive, each boasting over a hundred regiments, the Golden Lions are the largest. It is most well-known for its line infantry and cavalry regiments, that are often given front line duty.[1a]

The Golden Lions also serve as the city watch of Hammerhal Aqsha. New recruits, invalid veterans, and soldiers taken off of front-line duty comprise much of the ranks of the city watch.[1a]


The overall Freeguild is led by a council with individual regiments being headed by Colonels and Generals.[3a]


Some regiments of the Golden Lions have adopted jerkins and dress caps as part of their uniforms.[3a]


The Golden Lions are known to make use of Impressment Officers who have the authority to press individuals into the ranks of the Freeguild. They have been known to recruit from the denizens of the Drudges of Hammerhal Aqsha, including those cut-throats whose actions would see them hanged for their crimes.[1a]

Known Regiments


If I should fall in hard-pitched battle An orruk's axe betwixt mine eyes Then sing for me, while I lie bleeding And mourn for a career most fleeting But heed ye well the Colonel's cry, "March on lads, there is no retreating!

Marching song of the Golden Lions.[2]


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