Golden Lions

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Coat of Arms of the Golden Lions

The Golden Lions, also called the Flagwavers, are one of the seventeen major Freeguilds of Hammerhal Aqsha.[1a]


While all seventeen major Freeguilds of Hammerhal Aqsha are expansive, each boasting over a hundred regiments, the Golden Lions are the largest. It is most well-known for its line infantry and cavalry regiments, that are often given front line duty.[1a]

The Golden Lions also serve as the city watch of Hammerhal Aqsha. New recruits, invalid veterans, and soldiers taken off of front-line duty comprise much of the ranks of the city watch.[1a]


When the Golden Lions are in need of fresh recruits their Impressment Officers will often be on the lookout for cut-throats and other scum from the Drudges of Hammerhal Aqsha.[1a]

Known Regiments


If I should fall in hard-pitched battle An orruk's axe betwixt mine eyes Then sing for me, while I lie bleeding And mourn for a career most fleeting But heed ye well the Colonel's cry, "March on lads, there is no retreating!

Marching song of the Golden Lions.[2]


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