Aqua Ghyranis

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Aqua Ghyranis

Aqua Ghyranis is water from the Realm of Ghyran that has trace amounts of Cyclestone in it, known for its life-giving and super-nourishing properties. A single phial of it can cure the common cold and a greensteel vat can turn the fortune of a farm around in a single season even in the most arid regions. [2b][2d]


Age of Myth

During the Age of Myth water in the Great Parch was sometimes more precious than gold, especially in the central regions. This turned Aqua Ghyranis, imported into the continent through the Stormrift Realmgate, into the mainstay currency of the region. The Floating Market of Bataar used to transport and sell the imported Aqua Ghyranis. After its destruction many of these vessels washes ashore and were eagerly recovered through some were already tainted with disease, spreading it across the land.[1]

The irrigation networks of Capilaria were once laced with this potent water, but the Red Century made it run with gore.[1]

Age of Sigmar

In the Age of Sigmar it became a standardized currency in the Cities of Sigmar although considerable commerce in the Mortal Realms is conducted via bartering. It has also gained ground as a popular currency among the ports of the Aspirides, islands in southwestern Great Parch.[2a][6a]

In the lands of the Jade Kingdom of Decrepita a phial of Aqua Ghyranis is offered as a price for the head of a Gor. Seeing this as a fair wage, many Kharadron flock to the region to slay the beasts and collect the bounties on their heads.[8a]

Magical Properties

Due to its ability to cleanse, heal and promote growth, it is particularly valued in the Realm of Aqshy.[2b] These curative properties come from the Cyclestone, the Realmstone of Ghyran, found in the water.[2d]

  • A single sphere of Aqua Ghyranis can purify a small piece of the land, removing any taint of Chaos, it can also accelerate plant growth in the same area. [2b]
  • Drops of this water can heal the injured and sick.[2b]

Aqua Ghyranis can also, when imbibed in large quantities, cause the drinker to grow substantially larger and stronger. This particular benefit has made the substance favored among the Ogors of the Mawtribes, and was put to grim use by Awlrach the Drowner in his mortal life.[6a][7a]

Divination Plates

In order to avoid diluted Aqua being sold or even pure water being substituted clear glass plates, known as Divination Plates, infused by Light magic and divination runes are used. The plate grows strongly if the Aqua is pure but if its been diluted or is simply regular water, the runes glow only faintly or not at all. Barrels containing Aqua Ghyranis often have similar runes. [2c]

Units of Currency

The magically infused water is normally kept in glass flasks, phials, spheres, or even special reinforced kegs. [2b]

  • A Drop (1D): Usually measured out with a pipette. [2b]
  • A Phial (1P): Available in many designs, with richly made or decorated ones being popular with the rich or status-conscious. Equal to 10D.[2b]
  • A Sphere (1S): Palm-sized orbs, are equal to 10P or 100D.[2b]
  • Icicles, or frozen shards, of Aqua Ghyranis are known to be used as legal tender in the Free City of Izalend and among the Suku of Glacier's End.[9a][9b]

Other Denominations

In addition to the above Aqua Ghyranis in large volumes are kept in various casks, barrels, and vats of varying units of measurements. These include:

  • Grand Hogshead: These barrels are often employed by Freeguild regiments to carry the Aqua which will be divided out as payment to its troops.[4a]
  • Tun: A unit of measurement corresponding to a large quantity of Aqua Ghyrannis.[3]


  • The contents of an ancient Karak can be sold off few at least a few tuns of Aqua.[3]
  • A singular vat of Aqua Ghyranis is a considerable sum, a veritable fortune even to a powerful Azyrite noble family. At the height of their power and influence, the Valenth Dynasty boasted only three vats of Aqua Ghyranis among their fortune.[5]
  • There are those who refer to Aqua Ghyranis as Goodwater, such as the people of the Aspirides islands of the Great Parch and the Ogors of the Mawtribes.[6a][7a]