Drakespawn Chariot

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A Drakespawn Chariot miniature.

Drakespawn Chariots are chariots crewed by a pair of Aelven charioteers pulled by two Drakespawn and used in the Order Serpentis armies. Some of the most destructive in battle, these chariots thunder across the battlefield, driving fear deep into the hearts of their enemies.[1][2a][2b]


The chariot has distinctive high side panels with formidable bladed edges, while the front as a series of wicked curved blade. These vicious blades are used to slice apart any foes that it passes through.[1][2a][2b]


One of the charioteers is always armed with a Barbed Spear, while other can carry a Barbed Blade or mace instead, and both are hunters able to riddle their targets with barbed bolts from Repeater Crossbows.[1][2a][2b]



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