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Ten Flagellant miniatures.

Flagellants are throngs of zealots of the Devoted of Sigmar armies. They fall upon the men and beasts corrupted by Chaos they attack them with rabid fervour. Flagellants are filled with fanatical fury just after they charge. They bless the ground with chanted prayers and their bloody feet. These units are led by Prophets.[1][2]


When a Flagellant has given up all hope it throws itself at any enemy with reckless abandon, and if there are none around it will bash himself with his own flail. When one of them dies, it becomes a martyr to their fellows inspiring fanatical fervour in that unit.[2]


When marching to war they wield castigating flails and clubs, while waving sings that proclaim their faith and ring bells to terrify unbelievers.[1][2]



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