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Skyheld is an ancient library of the Draconith Empire located deep within the mountain range known as the Ramhut's Spine. In the Age of Sigmar it has been reborn as a sprawling city.[1]


Before the Ages

During the time of the Draconith Empire the Draconith establish an archive deep within the frigid mountains of Ramhut's Spine.[1]

Age of Sigmar

Many ages pass before the archive in Ramhut's Spine is rediscovered in the Age of Sigmar by Kharadron explorers. Over time the expeditionary endeavour grows into a bustling city, known as Skyheld, protected by forces from the Iron Thanes Stormhost.[1]

The continued survival of Skyheld relies heavily on Dawnbringer Crusades launched to secure fertile lowlands around the Spine or Realmgates that could be used to expand the city's trade routes beyond the Realm of Ghur. Though few survive the arduous journeys the Crusades take, they are never short of volunteers wishing to escape the city's frigid clime or the disasters that frequently ruin their homes.[1]



With only so much space available upon the icy mountain shelves of Ramhut's Spine to go around, much of Skyheld's populace of labourers, hunters, and loggers live in temporary lodgings which are oft destroyed by the natural disasters that frequent this region of Bjarl. As a result, the people of the city have garnered a reputation as hardy, adaptable folk.[1]

In the library-citadels, untouched by the disasters that wrack the city, of the Draconith archives scholars, delvers, and knowledge-prospectors seek to uncover long-lost knowledge dating to times before Sigmar walked the Mortal Realms. They brave the dangerous depths searching for vital long scrolls, which are contained in cases made of beast-bone. Such scrolls are considered the city's greatest treasure.[1]


The boldest of the citizens of Skyheld support the city by hunting Stonehorns in their own stomping grounds, for the gems that can be harvested from their stony bodies are of high value.[1]


Stormcast Eternals of the Iron Thanes Stormhost serve as the primary defenders of the city. They prefer to engage in a form of warfare resembling persistence hunting and use the weather to their advantage.[1]



Among the city's many enemies are the Grots of the Hollow Skullz who view ignorance as a blessing and seek to usher in an age of mindless violence across the Mortal Realms. Top achieve this they burrow beneath the archives in hopes of destroying precious scrolls.[1]


  • Library Citadels: The remnants of the archives, whose lost knowledge the city was built to recover, are magically protected from the natural disasters that rock the rest of the city. Within them dwell scholars and delvers eager to make their fortunes from the scrolls locked in the vaults deep in the citadels.


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