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The Firewolves were a Freeguild regiment stationed in Excelsis. They were decimated in the Uprising of the Cult of the Fated Path.[1a]


Just before the Uprising of the Cult of the Fated Path, the vast majority of the city of Excelsis's forces were called out of the city to counteract against a prophesied orruk invasion. Only three of the ten regiments of Excelsis were left in the city; the Iron Bulls of Tarsus, the Coldguard, and the Firewolves themselves.[1b]

During the uprising the Firewolves would be decimated from traitorous elements within the Freeguilds, mostly in the form of the Coldguard. The traitors of their sister regiment surrounded and slaughtered them, reducing them to a mere seventy-five men and women, who were saved only thanks to the arrival of brave and loyal duardin irregulars. With their numbers so drastically reduced and their command structure shattered, the Firewolves were declared destroyed.[1b]


As was the case with most Freeguild regiments of Excelsis, the Firewolves would have used padded armor made from woven silksteel.[2]

Notable Members


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