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Aelfish, or Aelvish, refers to a collection of related languages and scripts used by the many Aelven races of the Mortal Realms. Most of these languages seem to have descended from the Ancient Tongue of Ulthuan, the language of Ulthuan, a kingom of the World-That-Was from which Teclis, Tyrion, and Alarielle lived during their mortal lives.[1a][3a][7a][8a]

Known Languages, Dialects, and Scripts

Idoneth Languages, Dialects, and Scripts

The languages used by the Idoneth Deepkin was passed down to them by their Cythai ancestors, who were first taught the language by Teclis the Mage-God. It is a rich language, where many terms have different languages depending on inflection.[4a]

Sylvaneth Languages

Though the forest spirits known as Sylvaneth are not Aelves themselves, they are known to take names that echo the ancient aelven tongue spoken by their creator goddess, Alarielle the Everqueen.[2e]

  • Sylvan Tongue: Some Sylvaneth communicate in a language known as Sylvan Tongue, which has a passing resemblance to the languages used by the Idoneth.[3a]

See Also

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