Griffon Spears

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The Griffon Spears were a Freeguild of Hammerhal who dishonored themselves by losing their ancestral banners and attempted to regain their honor with eight doomed cavalry charges into a horde of greenskins.[1a]


Tragedy befell the Freeguild when their battle standard, an ancestral artefact, was destroyed or damaged. In an attempt to regain their honor they charged a greenskin horde eight times, each one a failure. This doomed and stubborn attempt to regain their honor became known as the Forlorn Charge and is still fondly remembered by Hammerhalians.[1a]


The Freeguilds of Hammerhal are said to each be descended from one of the tribes Sigmar personally brought with him before the closing of the Gates of Azyr. The Griffon Spears allowed their great battle standard, stitched from Hyshian suncloth and the bones of martyrs, to be damaged or destroyed. This brought great shame and dishonor to the Freeguild.[1a]

Their failed attempts to destroy the greenskin horde became known as the Forlorn Charge, which has become the subject of many Hammerhalian folk tales and songs. These stories elevate the actions of the Freeguild up as exemplars of the city's stubborn pride.[1a]


They were comprised of cavalry.[1a]


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