Council of the Forge

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The Council of the Forge is an assembly of the leaders of the richest and most powerful industrialist families of the Free City of Greywater Fastness, who wield power that outstrips even the city's Grand Conclave.[1a][2a][3a]


The Council of the Forge is a grand assemblage of industrialists in Greywater Fastness. These powerful individuals, known informally as Steam Lords, own the most prosperous of Greywater Fastness's sprawling industrial complexes and boast strong ties to organizations such as the Greycaps and Ironweld Arsenal. This allows them to leverage financial and political power greater than even the city's Grand Conclave. The decrees made by the Council guide the policies of the city, these decrees that demand more work, more wealth, and more war.[1a][2a][3a]


Membership in the Council of the Forge fluctuates as old businesses flounder and new ones arise. However, so long as a family maintains productivity their seat on the council is secure.[3a]

Families Who Have Held Seats on the Council

Individuals Who Have Held Seats on the Council


The members of the Council of the Forge are the wealthiest denizens of Greywater Fastness, directly owning the most prosperous industrial complexes of the city. These complexes are responsible for churning out an endless stream of artillery pieces, refined firepowder, and blackpowder weapons.[1a][2a]