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Freeguild Fusiliers form the wall of the Castelite Formation as they unleash a barrage against enemy attackers

Freeguild Fusilier are the disciplined and steely-eyes hand-gunners of the Freeguild.[1]


Freeguild Fusiliers are selected from Freeguild recruits for displaying unyielding discipline.[2b]


The role of the Freeguild Fusilier is to occupy vantage positions such as ruined buildings or ridges where their heavy pavises of oak and iron are slammed on the ground creating a wall that acts as an improvised fortification allowing them to safely unleash their ranged firepower to decimate enemy formations[2a][2c]

By the command of a competent Fusil-sergeant, they can fire three volleys of firepower within a minute and are capable of reloading it with mechanical efficiency. This is effective against dozens of charging orruks, and with the right preparation could even fell more unnatural entities.[1] When all elements of a Fusilier unit work together they could wreck terrible devastation on the battlefield, turning it into a field of feebly of twitching corpses [2b]

One of the most important roles during battle is that of the nimble runners called the Blackpowder Squires. Usually slight of build, they are constantly slipping between their comrades carrying ammunition, powder, and supplies to maintain peak efficiency.[1][2b]


The standard weapon of the Freeguild Fusiliers is the Fusil-cannon and a bayonet.[2c] The Fusil-cannon is used similar to that of a miniature cannon. Fusil-sergeants are instead armed with the Slaughter-fusil, a man-portable versions of cannons that were considered impractical for use in the wilderness. These triple-barrelled weapons could fire their barrels in quick succession or in one blistering volley. However, it is even heavier, especially when combined with the pavises and the lantern that is supposed to provide light when reloading in the darkness.[2b] Some Fusil-sergeants will instead carry a brace of pistols.[2c]

Despite wielding sturdy hardwood pavises to fortify their defences, by digging in and becoming a fortress battlement on the battlefield, their gear is little suited for melee defence.[1]

Their banners are both used as a rallying standard and a memento mori, to remind them death is always close if they fail.[1]


Their shots are inscribed with Sigmarite sigils, blessed by lifewater or even cast from sanctified silver to give them the capability to fight off daemons, gheists and other ungodly abominations.[1][2b]

When facing Endless Spells and Greater Daemons a sphere of pure realmstone is used as ammunition which is aimed at the centre of mass of the enemy with extreme focus allowing even the greatest threats in the Mortal Realms to be defeated by Fusilier gunlines. This realmstone ammunition must be stored in nullstone caskets and taken out with silver tongs.[2b]


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