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Executioners fighting Plaguebearers.

Executioners are a mysterious group of skull-masked Aelven warriors entirely devoted to the art of slaughter that fight alongside Darkling Covens, some of the most feared of that faction. Some say that they worship the Khaine, the Lord of Murder, but the Executioners rarely speak to those outside of their order preferring to simply kill, gracefully and relentlessly, severing heads with every swing of their blades. The reason why they fight for the Covens is a mystery as they do not appear to be bound in service to the Sorceresses. Theories include Covenmasters providing them with sacrifices for their fell rituals, Executioners being hybrids of aelf and Shadowkin created by Covens' dark experiments whose constant pain that can only be alleviated by killing.[1a][3]

The single-minded devastation that the Executioners revel in and the harsh bursts of laughter heard beneath the smiling grilles of their war masks during battle even unnerves Sorceresses. Outside of battle they reside in isolated towers and fortresses far outside the boundaries of society that are closed off to those outside of their order but the hideous screams of captives can be heard even by those walking by their walls. When unleashed upon the enemy Executioners fight such skill that their swords seem to seek out necks to cleave with uncanny accuracy until they are fighting upon a carpet of severed heads.[1a]

They are led by Draich Masters, wearing a spiked collar, and supported by Drummers and Standard Bearers, holding a one-handed sword.[1a][2a]


Executioners are armed with two-handed blades known as Draichs, ceremonial blades that they forged themselves, that can sever heads with every swing. [1a][2a][2b]



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