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Mahk is a Duardin Cogsmith of the Ironweld Arsenal. [1]


Powerfully built, even by the standards of his own people, he wears many rings, a multi-lens monocle and a shapeless hat decorated by a cogwheel pin. He is clad in heavy, rune-marked armour over rich robes, a drakefire pistol at his hip. [1]


He was part of the campaign to reclaim Caddow for Albain Lorcus‎ and Azyr as well as seeking riches for the Ironweld to exploit in the founding of the new city - in this he had a fierce rivalry with the Collegiate Arcane led by Reconciler Ahom. [1a]


That's right. It's me. Your worst nightmare. A duardin who knows what he's worth.

~ Mahk .[1a]


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