Great Ash Road

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The Great Ash Road is an ancient trade route that has been used by the people of the central regions of Great Parch since the Age of Myth.[1a]


Age of Myth

Legend has it that when Grimnir threw Vulcatrix from the Caustic Peaks, the impact created the winding defile of soot and char known as the Great Ash Road. The Great Ash Road would go on to become a major trade thoroughfare for the central regions of the Great Parch and the city of Edassa, built on a favorable position along the road, rose to prominence as one of the grandest cities of the Great Parch,[1a]

Age of Chaos

The coming of Age of Chaos and the arrival of the legions of Khorne drastically changed the Great Ash Road. Where once the road was used to transport goods and trade, it was now used exclusively to by the forces of the Blood God to wage their terrible campaigns of conquest.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

Centuries after the coming of Sigmar's Tempest and the successes of the Realmgate Wars and Blazing Crusade the Great Ash Road has become a busy commercial road once more. Goods from the cities of Vandium and Hammerhal Aqsha travel northward along the road to Edassa and the other lands of the Flamescar Plateau, revitalizing the long suffering region.[1a]