Adramar Rift

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The Adramar Rift is one of the great rifts that carve through the Ashlands, the region of Capilaria. It twists through the very center of Hammerhal Aqsha making it a vital highway of the city's bustling trade empire.[1a][2a]


Trade flows through the Adramar Rift in the form of sky-vessels of all stripes that make harbor at rift-docks, built along the lip of the chasm in districts it borders such as the Cinderfall and Lavafall districts.[1a][3a] Mining complexes built by Duardin line the sides of the chasm, going deep into the earth to dredge up valuable aqthracite and valchemite.[1a]

Flora and Fauna

There is an array of strange airborne sealife found within the Adramar Rift, denizens of the bordering districts can often be seen fishing for them.[4]

Neighboring Districts

  • Cinderfall District: Once a trade power at the beating heart of the city, it long ago fell on hard times as the ever-expanding nature of the city drove the trade routes further and further from the district. Now it is largely considered a dilapidated slum.[1a][3a]
  • Lavafall District: A poor, overcrowded district that boasts citizens from many species and cultures. The residential district is plagued by gangs and subversive cults.[3a]