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Aethrian is a Aelf comander of a Skycutter and a member of the Swifthawk Agents [1]

The other two members of her crew are Gelebran and her brother Dothrial, the great hawk that draws the cutter is named Skiel.


Half a century before the the Time of Tribulations she had accompanied the expedition to the Dawn's Eye Realmgate. There she stood on a headland, surrounded by the corpses of Chaos worshippers - the massive devastation left after a tsunami. The overpowering stench of blood and death had been and replaced by offshore winds and a new briny reek.[1]

During the Time of Tribulations itself she and her crew were dispatched from Phoenicium to the fortified township of Houndsgate, lying several hours from the city by cutter in the Seven Hounds valley. They found it shrouded in mists, deserted, saturated by the same smell that she recalled from the Dawn's Eye experidtion.[1]


There are no answers here, only questions. I am loath to bear ill tidings back to an already troubled city, but the Phoenicium must be warned.



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