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Towers in the peaks of Tempests Eye

Tempest's Eye is a City of Sigmar carved out of the rock of the Titanspear Mountain, a mountain located within the Flamespires mountain range, located south-west of the Flamescar Plateau in the Realm of Aqshy. It was founded from the fortified towns built during the Realmgate Wars. A wondrous city of soaring towers and palaces that dominates both land and sky for many leagues around the Tempest's Eye is a mutilevel metropolis linked together by winch-lifts and cable carriages and on its cliffs are several busy docks, where hundreds of duardin airships and gyrocutters tie up daily, unloading goods and bartering and trading in the city’s merchant districts. Situated as it is so close to the firmament, an aura of celestial magic gathers strongly about the Eye. Around the city are many planar observatories and arcane orreries where seers and battle-scryers work to keep constant vigil over the surrounding lands. [2][4b][5a][6c]


While the Tempest's Eye is ruled by its own Grand Conclave the Tempest Lords are far more involved in the city’s politics than usual. Recruited from the aristocratic dynasties of Hysh they see themselves as rulers born to inspire those less learned and wise than themselves and both the foremost Lord-Castellant and Lord-Celestant of Castle Regal have permanent seats in the Eye’s Grand Conclave and no civic or martial edicts can be passed without their signatures.[5a]

There have been at least three former members of the Order of the Eye, the seers and engineers who operate the orrerries and observatories of the city, who managed to gain positions within the city's Grand Conclave.[7]


The four smaller peaks surrounding the Titanspear known as the Talons are the sites of fortified watchtowers garrisoned by aelven and human known as the Aetherguard, and they are amongst the finest scouts and wayfinders in Aqshy. Tempest's Eye sees far indeed, and its elite detachments of Stormcast Rangers are constantly dispatched through the realms on secretive missions, arrived at the perfect moment to assist endangered allies, or to strike at targets of opportunity. [3]

While the Tempest’s Eye is on a mountain range, stretching out before it are expansive, open ash steppes dotted with fortified outposts and war camps of the Freeguild. A significant portion of the city’s forces consists of cavalry such as Outriders and Pistoliers while Shadow Warriors prowl the alpine valleys surrounding the mountain citadel, dealing with attackers and infiltrators with blades and white feathered arrows. Guided by the city’s celestial seers, these swift-moving forces range far into the wilds beyond the Eye’s borders to seek out and harry the city’s foes, drawing them into position for a killing strike from above. At the optimum moment, a Tempest Lord Vanguard Wing of airborne warriors will descend like comets from the skies, laying waste to the unprepared foes with hurled javelins and hammers.[3][5a][5b]

The Kharadron Overlords have earned great profits by trading with the Eye and see it as an asset worth protecting. Thus formations of Kharadron bombers accompany the armies to pulverise its enemies with barrages of high-yield ordnance.[5a]


  • Castle Regal: At the apex rests the imposing Stormkeep of the Tempest Lords, ringing the top of the Titanspear like a jewelled crown. No less regal a citadel would suit these noble heroes, who rule their city with stern benevolence. Jutting out from beneath this palatial fortress are great ports where duardin airships and gyrocutters arrive to barter and deal.[3] [5a]
  • White Tower: It boasts an array of arcane engines and planar observatories from which seers scry distant lands.[3]




Both aerial racing and archery contests are popular with the citizens of the city. [6b]


  • Shipments of grain arrive in the city daily, brought in by Kharadron sky-vessels.[6b]
  • Much of the trade in the city is centred around the Gate of Azyr, a Realmgate leading to the Realm of Azyr, found at the heart of Castle Regal.[6c]
  • The city has become famous for its optic equipment, such as arcane lenses.[6c]
  • There are many docking ports littered around the city that see heavy traffic from duardin airships, in the form of both the gyrocraft of the Ironweld Arsenal and the metallic skyvessels of the Kharadron Overlords.[6c]


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