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Ilesha Dune is a Amethyst Battlemage of the Collegiate Arcane who entered Shadespire in search of knowledge. [1]


A small round woman who looks older than her age with silver hair and her cheeks decorated with arcane glyphs. She wears robes that are cerulean and amethyst coloured. [1a] If required she would go armed with a slim sword, several daggers and her black wooden staff.[1c]


Illesha was one of three Battlemages that were part of the reclaimation of Caddow, grudgingly accepting Reconciler Ahom as the senior representative of the collegiate. The three argued about how to breach the wards that guarded the dead beneath the city, Illesga suggesting that Shadeglass mirrors could dilute the magic. She also alerted Gardus Steel Soul that the tide of battle and the death it caused would disturb and eventually awaken the dead. [2a]

She entered the city of Shadespire as part of an expedition in search of knowledge but became trapped like many before her, unable to leave or even die. Like a number of others she entered the service of the Katophrane, Lady Sadila Hausa who offered a way out for them all if she would assist in rebuilding the Faneway. [1]


She is fond of poetry, notably Helmgwa's Ode to an Undying Queen.. [1b]


You are wrong. What I needed was time, and now I have an eternity. I learn more every day.

~ Ilesha to Seguin Reynar.[1d]


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