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The Lionesses of Edassa are the elite great-sword wielding warrior women of the city of Edassa. The force is comprised solely of women who have managed to slay a Flamescar Lion, a predator of the Flamescar Plateau that is revered as a divine beast by the Edassans.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

Famously the daughter of Kyukain Hammer-Friend, the General who liberated Edassa from Chaos, went out into the desert to accomplish the initiation rite to become a Lioness of Edassa. In her quest, she tracked down a particularly ferocious Flamescar Lion, whose pelt would become the relic known as the Mane of Laudine, and after slaying it, she adopted its cubs as a sign of mercy.[2a]

Soon after Laudine discovered the lion she slew was tainted by Chaos and so was its pelt, a secret she wrote in her diary. To resist the influence of the pelt, the wearer must undergo secret Sigmarite rituals. Both pelt and diary would pass between the leadership of the Lionesses until the diary was lost in battle after the death of Annika Firstclaw's predecessor.[2a]

Some time during the Arcanum Optimar a Chaos Cult attempted to conquer and corrupt the Free City of Edassa. Annika Firstclaw, now the Commander of the Lionesses, purged the cult. Upon discovering that an academic captured by the cult, Lizobes Dunam had escaped the city, Annika gave chase, believing she was one of the cultists. Annika tracked her quarry to the Free City of Brightspear, discovering Lizobes had gained sanctuary within the Domini University. With the aid of a band of Soulbound, she was able to confront the scholar, who revealed the true nature of the Mane of Laudine. Leaving Annika unsure of how to proceed.[2a]


Much like the other Greatsword companies of the Freeguilds that defend the Free Cities of Sigmar's Empire, the Lionesses are an elite force of veteran warriors, who go into battle wielding greatswords.[1a]


Aspirants who wish to join this famed Freeguild of warrior women are required to slay a Flamescar Lion before they are permitted to fight among their ranks in battle.[1a][2a]


The Lionesses go to battle while wearing heavy Flamescar Lion pelts. These pelts are worn as a badge of honour, for each Lioness had to slay one of these lions to join the Freeguild, they are also impervious to damage from most mundane weapons.[1a]

Relics and Artefacts

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