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Turnkeys are the Freeguild charged with operating the prisons of the city of Brightspear.[1a][1c]


The Turnkeys are one of the more prominent freeguilds of Brightspear. They are tasked with running and operating the city's prisoners, such as the infamous Bleak Stockade. They are willing to take bribes for just about anything, excepting releasing their charges early, whether it be as simple as carrying messages or as profoundly corrupt as smuggling in goods to their prisoners.[1a]


In addition to their duties as prison guards, the Turnkeys also serve as defenders of the city. In the event of an attack on Brightspear, they have full authority to bring their prisoners to the frontline to serve as a sort of ad-hoc penal legion[1b]


Like all Brightspear freeguilds their uniforms and standards are modeled after the Nepholites, an ancient Azyrite tribe.[1b]


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