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Arcanoscopes are magical telescopes with Celestial Magic lenses found in the observatoriums of the Realm of Azyr and the Cities of Sigmar.[1a][2a][3a] The methods needed to create an Arcanoscope is a heavily guarded secret, known only to the astromancers of Azyrheim.[1a][2a]


Typically raw magic can only be seen by those with Witch-Sight. Through the use of an Arcanoscope any observer can see the magic of the Mortal Realms and even discern the varying Colours of Magic. Such devices can even be used to see and perceive the magical energies of Chaos, though to do so is to risk madness.[1a][3a]


Arcanoscopes range wildly in size and usefulness, from small monocle-sized ones that are easy to carry to complex devices as large as a Steam Tank produced by the Ironweld Arsenal.[2a]

Arcanoscopes are found within the observatoriums of Azyrheim.[1a] The Warscryer Citadels of the Stormcast Eternals are equipped with these celestial telescopes as well, allowing their incumbents to observe the weaves and patterns of magic in the air.[3a][4a]

Members of the Collegiate Arcane are given portable Arcanoscopes when they are sent to study and survey regions affected by the Necroquake.[3a]

Notable Arcanoscopes