Aether-gold Ingot

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Aether-gold Ingots, also known as Power Ingots, are sealed canisters that contain aether-gold within them. These canisters are used to power the myriad Aether-rigs emplyed by the Aeronauts of the Kharadron Overlords.[2a][3a]


These canisters of aether-gold are most often employed as the power sources of Aether-rigs, each rig will incorporate several of these power ingots. The ingots also work in tandem with the aether-rigs they are contained in, to recycle minute amounts of aether-gold from the air to conserve energy.[2a][3a]

These 'ingots' are also occasionally used as currency in some places, such as the Free City of Brightspear, where they are one of many currencies commonly traded in Horwindle’s Banking House and Reasonable Currency Exchanges, a joint Kharadron and Bataari bank in the city.[1a]