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Concordia, the City of Spires, is a Free City located somewhere in the Realm of Ghur. It stands as a bastion against the surrounding beastlands.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

During a battle at Rockfallow Gorge the city's forces are saved from massacre with the timely arrival of a chamber of Stormcast Eternals.[1a]

A force of the city's forces was massacred by Beastclaw Ogors while on patrol along the Pass of Jaws. Those who survived were dragged off by the Ogors and forced to fight beasts to death for entertainment. Of these survivors only Niara Sydona escaped back to the city.[1a]



Concordia is a highly stratified society that favours its upper classes above the lower classes, the latter of which essentially surviving on the scraps of the former.[1a]


The Freeguild of Concordia takes a vow known as the guardian's oath.[1a]


  • Gaols: The prisons of Concordia were constructed by Duardin smiths.[1a]


Notable Inhabitants


Concordia was like that: plenty above, scraps below.

Niara Sydona describing Concordia.[1b]


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