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The Jerech Blue Skies is a Freeguild regiment from the capital city of the Jerchese City-States, Jercho.[2a]

The largest and oldest regiment in the service of Hamilcar Bear-Eater when he commanded the Seven Words.[2a]


For Hamilcar! For Sigmar and the Seven Words - Hamilcar was pleased his name came first![2b]


Since Hamilcar had taken their city in Sigmar's name [1] they had served him loyally fighting in the Sea of Bones, the Drakwolds of the Realm of Shyish and back into their home Realm for the Gorkoman campaigns. [2a]

They were at his side during his stewardship of the Free City of Seven Words and fought alongside Hamilcar at the Battle of Kurzog's Hill, many of them dying there. They would continue to defend Seven Words even after Hamilcar's fall in that battle.[2a]


Though they recruit from the lands they pass through and fought for, their elite units and officers still come from their homeland, the Lands of the Unsetting Sun.[2a]


In lieu of more traditional metallic armor, the Jerech Blue Skies prefer to wear harnesses crafted from crystal with bits of leather holding the pieces together.[1e][1f]

They are known for using longswords and greatswords similarly made of crystal, specifically quartz, known as Quartzswords.[2a][2c]

They have also been known to work with field artillery, such as demi-cannons.[2e]

Notable Members


I don't ever expect to see Jercho again, lord. Our home is where you say it is, and we're ready to die for it.

~Hamuz el-Shaah to Hamilcar.[2a]


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