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The Zhu'garaz are Dispossessed Duardin whose engineers have played a role in constructing several Stormkeeps within Cities of Sigmar, such as the Hallowed Knights' stronghold in Gravewild.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

Over the course of the Age of Sigmar the Zhu'garaz aided in the construction of a number of Stormkeeps and Cities of Sigmar, working alongside Lord-Ordinator Taltus on a number of occasions such as the construction of the Stormkeep in Gravewild.[1a]


They are known for being brisk and efficient folk, as well as being notably less stubborn than some other Duardin folk.[1a] They often contract their services as engineers and labourers to the Stormhosts, aiding Lord-Ordinators and Lord-Castellants in constructing Stormkeeps, a task they take to with flexibility. Though they appear to be capable of defending themselves, they prefer to concentrate on their labours and dislike taking part in battles, especially if their contracts stipulate they do not have to.[1b]

Notable Members


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