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Reconciler Ahom was the senior of three Battlemages of the Collegiate Arcane that were part of the reclaimation force sent to the city of Caddow in the Realm of Shyish. [1a]

He is a master astromancer.[1a]


A tall, thin man in dark blue robes denoting his mastery of Astromancy, he also wears silver gauntlets and a ceremonial breastplate. [1a]


He had studied the cosmological scrolls in the Great Library of Sigmaron and the Starbound Tomes and had been appointed Reconciler - one who would gather and collate the mystic lore of the Mortal Realms to add to the knowledge of the Collegiate. [1b]

Although he was unimpressed by the magical prowess and wards of the ancient mages of Caddow, he was unable to unravel them. [1b]


And I would prefer not to risk the lives of my colleagues without first ensuring that any sacrifice we might be called upon to make is suitably repaid. I am no fool, Lord-Celestant. I know full well what might be forgotten in the confusion of victory. .

~ Ahom to Gardus Steel Soul.[1a]


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