Phoenix Temple

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Phoenix Temple
Phoenix Guard 01.png
Phoenix Guards.
Grand alliance Order
Associated factions Cities of Sigmar
Major characters Ur-Phoenix
Races Aelf

The Phoenix Temple is the warrior-conclave dedicated to the Ur-Phoenix and her children.[1]


Those aelves who would enter the temple must have endured the elements of fire and air, their bodies tormented near to death before the silent warriors take them to the hidden heart of the shrine. There they will be wrapped in the wings of a Frostheart Phoenix or a Flamespyre Phoenix who will heal them and bind them to service as a member of the Phoenix Guard - the warriors of the temple. [1]

Holy Sites

The Pyre of the Phoenix, a crystalized valley in the Realm of Hysh, and the Phoenicium, found in the Everspring Swathe of the Realm of Ghyran, are holy sites to those Aelves that follow the Ur-Phoenix. The former is the location wherein the Ur-Phoenix goes through its fiery reincarnations, leaving behind smouldering ash and the latter is a city consecrated as the Godbeast's holy city. The Annointed go on a pilgrimage to the Pyre to see glimpses of the echos of the Ur-Phoenix's previous reicarnations and the future destiny of the Aelf race.[2a][2b]


Phoenix Temple
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