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Mhurghast is a City of Sigmar established sometime after Sigmar's Tempest broke across the Mortal Realms. It is located in Athanasia, one of the underworlds of the Prime Innerlands of Shyish. The city is covered in a thick, hazy purple-grey mist that originates from the River Hisset.[1]


As is the case with most Free Cities of Sigmar's empire, Mhurghast was established sometimes after the Realmgate Wars. Many Azyrite settlers and local Reclaimed flocked to the city in it's early days, hoping for wealth or prosperity.[1]

Many of the beggars of the city are veterans of the Old War.[1]


The nobles of the city celebrate a festivity known as the Lunaghast Ball, where they dress up as fascimiles of the specters and wraiths that serve Pater Nagash.[1]


  • Artisanry District: Seemingly the district that contains the majority of the city's artisans.[1]
    • Jeweller's Row: The Necrai Bridge leads to this particular section of the Artisnry District. It has particularly well-kept steets.[1]
    • Tzendril's Costumiers: A costumier shop that has such wealthy patrons as Alabastian Valenth and Harratio d'Asbe.[1]
  • Palace District: The palace dominating this district is surrounded by many mansions built in Azyrire styles.[1]
  • Temple District[1]
  • River Hisset: A river that cuts through the city, divided the affluent Artisanry, Palace, and Temple districts from the rest of the city. Purple-grey fog rises from the River Hisset, creating a thick haze over the bridges that were built over it.[1]
    • Necrai Bridge: One of the public thoroughfares that crosses over the River Hisset. It connects the Artisanry District to the less affluent districts on the other side of the river. [1]
    • Bridge of Nobles: One of the bridges that crosses over the River Hisset. The black Halberds are tasked with guarding this bridge and keeping all manner of loiterers off of it. It is shut down during the evening. It too connects the Artisanry District to the less affluent districts on the other side of the river.[1]
      • Bridge's End: The Black Halberds can be found in this location at the end of the Bridge of Nobles when on duty[1]
    • Negatian Bridge: A third bridge that spans across the River Hisset, it too seems to connect the Artisanry District to the less affluent districts on the other side of the river. It seems to be less traveled than both the Necrai and Nobles' Bridges.[1]


  • Humans
    • Valenth Dynasty: The Valenth Dynasty is an aristocratic family in Mhurghast, who originally hail from Azyr.[1]
      • Alabastian Valenth the First: An arrogant and cruel-hearted scion of the Valenth Dynasty. He became the head of the house after the passing of his mother.[1]
    • House d'Asbe: One of the richest and most influential families within Mhughast, they too originally hail from the Realm of Heavens.[1]
      • Harratio d'Asbe: A youthful nobleman and eldest son of House d'Asbe, known as a trendsetter and renowned as a legend among his peers due to the extravagant wealth of his family.[1]


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