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This page contains spoilers for: Gloomspite (novel)

Aelyn Melethryl was a Wanderers Waywatcher member of the Swords of Sigmar Mercenary Company. [1]


She had amber and black eyes, which many humans found disturbing and whilst is hard to read, often being unnaturally still, a muscle twitch in her right cheek indicates annoyance to those who know her. [1a] If trying to impress, she wears her silver and bloodwood circlet on her brow. [1d]


She had been part of the company for ten years. [1b]

She and the Saul brothers had rescued Romilla Aiden from the despair and self-recrimination she had descended into. [1c]

As part of the company she had hired by the Olmori tribe to recover their ancestral treasures and bring them back to High Crag where they would be paid and after Varlen Saul had turned and been killed, she was with them as they sought to take his last warning to the city of Draconium. [1a] They became part of the investigations into the strange killings and other occurrences in that city. [1]

At the request of Helena Morthan, she and her comrades were at the celebratory party hosted by Selvador Mathenio Aranesis [1d] and she was one of the few survivors of that doomed event and as the Bad Moon appeared in the sky. [1e] Even she was affected by its malign light, exposed skin sprouting tiny mushrooms which had to be painfully pulled out. [1f] Aelyn and several members of the Swords found tempoary refuge in a Watch outpost. [1h] A scouting mission into the infected city got them to the reserve armoury of the Watch, where a small force had gathered, they also discovered the Moonclan Grots were preparing to send poison down river to the villages and Hammerhal. [1i]

A plan was formulated where Aelyn and Bartiman Kotrin would lead a diversionary attack on the main stronghold of the Grots. [1j] She fought hard with the humans against the greenskins, but was eventaully overwhelmed as fought atop a mound of Grots she had killed whilst defending the unconscious wizard. [1k]

Weapons and Equipment

She carries a number of Knives on several belts, an Aelven Longbow and wickedly crafted snares. [1g]


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