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Reconciler Dhowmer is a young Battlemage of the Collegiate Arcane in the city of Lethis in the Realm of Shyish. [1a]


A young, sallow skinned man with a fasionable moustache and dressed in rich robes with a high collar. He carries a ivory staff. [1a]


He was hired by Rhodus, a merchant of the Ivory Circle to loot the mansion of the former High Thaumaturge of the city as part of a team led by Shevanya Arclis. [1a]

They discovered that the much feared Mage was not in fact dead, but trapped in a mirror following his researches into the legendary cursed city of Shadespire. [1a]

The pair barely escaped with their lives and then were arrested by the Blackshore Guard. [1a]


High Thaumaturge Phylebius Crade himself. Before my time of course, but the masters of the Centrellum can't talk for more than a minute without invoking his name. Most tiresome.

~ Dhowmer.[1a]


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