Karak Kzaf

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Karak Kzaf was the ancestral stronghold of the Kharadron who once called Barak-Khazzar home. The ruins of the once great stronghold can be found in the Evermount of the Realm of Ghur. Sometime after it was abandoned the karak was claimed by a horde of Gloomspite Gitz, who would go on to conquer Barak-Khazzar.[1a]


The Kharadron of the Sky-port of Barak-Khazzar had ancestral ties to this mighty Ghurite stronghold carved into the Evermount. The karak, like many others, was abandoned when the ancestors of the Kharadron, until a plunder fleet from Barak-Khazzar sought to recover treasures from the lost stringhold.[1a]

The boarding parties of the fleet delved deep into the fungal encrusted maze of tunnels that made up the stronghold, only to find it has been claimed by a Gloomspite horde. The Grots overwhelm the Duardin and slaughter them all. Weeks later the Gloomspite stage an invasion of Barak-Khazzar, using the sky-vessels of their own plunder fleet, and with aid from an additional fleet of Grotbag Scuttlers they overwhelm the city and conquer it, renaming it Da Moon City.[1a]


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