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The Gold Gryphons is a famous Freeguild with regiments based out of a number of Cities of Sigmar, including Hammerhal Aqsha and Vindicarum.[1a][3b]


Age of Chaos

The Freeguild has its roots on the duelling fields of Azyrheim.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

Since the realmgates of Azyr had opened, they quickly built a formidable reputation for steadfastness in the face of the enemy.[1a] They boast that they've set themselves up in many of the Free Cities.[3a]


The Freeguild has grown much larger in size over the years and now its cohorts are the same size as a lesser regiment and are hired out on their own. [1a] The Twelfth Cohort is equipped with large pavises - broad rectangular shields with firing slits that they copied from the duardin. [1b]


A standard in every city, a comet in every purse.

~ Motto of the Gold Gryphons.[1a]

Known Cohorts

Former Members

  • Zana Mathos: She once served in one of the Gold Gryphon cohorts of Vindicarum and even attained a commission as a captain. But after making too many enemies among the Azyrite elite, she was kicked out of the regiment. She has since become sellsword who has led an interesting and strange life, even finding herself in the employ of Grungni, God of Metral. [2a]


Twelfth Cohort is ready to march, my lord and lady - pike, shot and pavise. Whatever comes, whatever the ground, the Gold Gryphons will see Sigmar's will done.

~ Suhula Morguin.[1a]


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