Idenkor Stonbrak

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Idenkor Stonbrak is a duardin merchant from the Dispossessed port city of Barak Gorn. [1]

He travels and trades jewels across the Mortal Realms. [1]


He was but a beardling when his people left the Realm of Azyr to reclaim their former home city of Barak Gorn. [1]

His brother, a gem smith was drained of his soul by a Idoneth Deepkin princess whose affections a love sick, low born aelf was seeking. [1]


His works were a marvel. I lacked his perfect skill, but I never had any feeling for him other than pride in his ability. As I could not compete, I became a merchant, travelling the realms beyond Ulgu, and many a pretty coin I made from his crafts. It was whilst I was gone that tragedy befell him.

~ Idenkor to the other travellers in the Sign of the Brazen Claw.[1a]


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