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Freeguild Cavaliers are heavy cavalry of the Freeguilds.[1]


Freeguild Cavalier of the Dawnbringer Crusades do not inherit their position which is not bought by privilege or tax but by sheer skill and often personal tragedy. Some are simply elevated to their position by displaying a greater aptitude for warfare, the skill with blade and warhorse being the only requirement. But many are the sole survivors of a destroyed stronghold, having lost all friends and family they have salvaged the finest weapons and armor they could find before riding out on a warhorse seeking to vengeance. [2b]


Freeguild Cavaliers act as the hammer to the anvil of the infantry and are capable of both crushing charges and sustained assaults. Led by Arch-knights Cavalier formations break over-extended columns in two or collapse battlelines that are underpreassure from Steelhelm and Fusilier formations. [2a]When Cavaliers charge it is in a tight wedge formation, driven by an inner fire they cut through enemy formations in a storm of blades and steel-shod hooves before turning back to slaughter the survivors. [2b]

Before battle they gather to retell their painful tales, revisiting all the horrific details ensuring not only the memories of the lost are kept alive but also to keep the fires of vengeance are kept burning.[2b]


Freeguild Cavaliers ride upon the finest destriers lifewater could buy and are clad in the panoply of the settlements they left behind, heraldry of which adorn the barding and shields.[2b] Arch-Knights that lead them are armed with a Arch-Knights blade while others are armed with Cavalier Weapons[2c] which are usually swords or axes instead of lances as the Cavaliers know their wars aren't decided by a single glorious charge but in long relentless battles that grind on for hours to days.[2b]




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