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A Excelsior Warpriest

The Excelsior Warpriests are some of the most zealous of the God-King's devoted, gladly carrying the word of the Sigmar across the Mortal Realms. [1a]

An Excelsior Warpriest has a sacred calling to bring the faith to the most desperate of places across the Mortal Realms, a few even become one of the Soulbound. Those selected for the glorious burden chosen for their stainless faith but condemned to never join their god in the afterlife. [1a]


Each Warpriest can perform different miracles depending on their own focus and to a much lesser extent the needs of the mission of the faithful they tend. The power of their god allows them to heal the sick and the lame but also purge the corrupted, the possessed and the wicked of spirit. [1a]

They are often accompanied by a Gryph-hound. [1a]


Kneel, and trust that Sigmar can tell the innocent from the guilty.

~ Ortam ‘The Crimson Azyrite’ Sallismar.[1a]




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