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Taras Nightscour is a Aelf Black Ark Fleetmaster of the Scourge Privateers from Misthåvn. [1a]

He commands a large fleet centered on the Black Ark Agoniser. [1a]


For many years he had been an ally of Morathi with his ships searching the various seas of the realms for knowledge of the Idoneth Deepkin. In pursuit of this, the Agoniser clashed with the Ionrach Enclave on the Maithnar Sea in the Realm of Ghyran. In this battle, he captured a Soulscryer who he had tortured by his excruiator, Yhorin. [1c]

As Morathi sought to enact a powerful ritual at the island temple of Hagg Nar, she called upon Taras to join the her own small but powerful fleet in defending the island. Taras obliged, bringing not only Agoniser and its wolf-ship escorts but also many human made galleons and steam-barques as well as bolstering the crew of his floating city with regiments of Freeguild, all form Misthåvn. [1d] The monster at the heart of the Agoniser stretched out tenticles to the sea floor to anchor itself in the Hellemark Straight, the primary approach to Hagg Nar and discorged even more ships to bolster the defensive flotilla. As the skies above the temple were lit up by red lightnig, the Deepkin attacked - led by a twelve Leviadons which smashed into the outer ring of warships. [1e]

A huge battle now raged across Hagganal Bay with the marines of Misthåvn and the corsiars being experienced at fighting the deep-elves and fighting back hard on land and sea, joined now by a tide of screaming Witch Aelves. [1e]

Retinue and Crew


Easy now. Your mistress would mourn my passing, I think. Not least because I have found what she seeks.

~ Taras Nightscour.[1b]


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