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Bleinham was a prosperous city of the Mortal Realms destroyed by Syll'Esske.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

The prosperity of Bleinham comes to an end during it's last harvest festival, as a result of a sect of Slaaneshi cultists summoning Syll'Eskke through a forgotten portal. As the Vengeful Alliance walks through the carnival activities the revelers fall under their sway. When the city's Freeguild attempts to stop them at the city limits, they are torn apart by the Slaaneshi and their converts. The city is left empty of all life but rats and other vermin.[1a]


The city of Bleinham was defended by a Freeguild that was slain trying to protect it from Syll'Esske.[1a]



Before its fall the city was known for hosting an infamous harvest festival known for elaborate costumes and lavish feasts.[1a]


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