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A Deity is a being made of magic power that is worshipped by lesser beings.[1]

Before the coming of Sigmar and his Pantheon there were as many gods as there were people, including gods of small things such as trees and rivers. Some of these gods lost who they were and became as beasts, others were slain, still others were imprisoned, and a small few fled into hiding.[9a]

Some Demigods have also been called gods and minor divinities.[15a][15b]

Death of a God

Rather than suffering a true death, divine beings enter a state of metemorphosis or dormancy, they can also be overwhelmed by a rival, reduced to a echo of what they where and consumed by that enemy as pure energy as Nagash did with many gods of Death. If a god is starved of worship, they will wither away until they all but nothing. [14a]


Neoric Zanthe describes them as state of being that achieves unity with magical energy or a concept until it becomes all but indivisable from it. Their souls transcend mortal norms as they bend reality around them. [14a]


The deities of the Mortal Realms are not omniscient or omnipotent as they are dependant of their worshippers as their worshippers are dependent on them, both empowered by their relationship. The deity receives power from acts of beliefs and proof of devotion by their faithful which means that the more souls that pay homage to the divinity or devote themselves to their creed the more powerful it becomes. This does not only provide raw power to the deities but the soul of a faithful also allows them to influence, perceive and even create some form of presence in the realms, with shrines and sites of worship having a similar, if weaker, effect.[2][14a]

In exchange a gods provides part of their power in their time of need, solving the various problem they might have. The very devout are especially attuned to the gods, allowing them to move power and work true miracles though them. The priests and the gods are bonded by spiritual energy that allows a god, in some cases quite literally, see through their eyes.[2]

Lesser Manifestation

A deity can create a lesser manifestation of itself or a shard of their own godly might to observe events that are far from the reach of their physical manifestations. These manifestations are there and not there at the same time, coalesced from raw magic, invisible to everyone, except other divinities. In this form they are also able to summon enough raw magic to destroy things, like a Flux-Cairn. These forms take attention from their divinities and can be dispersed just as quickly.[1]

Lesser manifestations can also be sensed by certain beings:

  • Deities can sense the presence of other deities and often use these lesser manifestations to discuss and taunt each other.[1]
  • Tzaangors have magical senses that alert them that something is wrong in the presence of a gods lesser manifestation. [1]
  • Sylvaneth Soul-Pods held hostage in the Hexwood can feel the presence of Sigmar and plead for rescue.[1]


Blessed of the Gods are those select few mortals who have been granted a tiny mote of their gods' powers, allowing them to channel divine energy into miracles that can be used to aid the faithful or smite the enemies' of their gods. In turn the actions of these mortal champions will empower the gods' they serve as such miracles galvanize and inspire the faithful to further worship.[5a]


Chosen are those that have been directly picked to be one of the direct agents of one or more deities. Named that way because part of their power comes from having being picked this way. They are not gods, but they are such a force to be reckoned that hapless mortals confuse them with demigods.[5a]

Some of the known Chosen are:


There are three primary types of Deities in the Mortal Realms:

There are also other types of deities in the Mortal Realms, who might be one of the types mentioned above:


A Pantheon is a group of gods united for a common purpose:


Did you know that there were once many gods? As many gods as there were people, for every tribe and clan had their god. They were the gods of small things – of rivers and trees and fair winds. Death gods, as well.’

Balthas Arum explaining gods to Elya, a child of Glymmsforge.[9a]

The mortals of the realms worshipped many gods, some old, some new, some real, some false. Who was to say that there hadn’t been a god of cats, who did as cats often do and slunk into some small crack in the universe to wait out catastrophe?

Balthas Arum's thoughts on gods.[9b]


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