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Armand Callis is a former Freeguild corporal and a companion to the Witch Hunter Hanniver Toll. [1f]


As a corporal in the Coldguard Regiment of Excelsis he was a short haired young man with hooded eyes, sharp, angular features with a trimmed beard and moustache. [1c]


He had built up a reputation as a career focused solider who did not gamble or take bribes. [1b]

On patrol on a stormy night, he and his men came across cultists and smugglers, in the ensuing fight they were all killed except Callis, who also discovered that members of his own regiment were involved. After being injured by auger crystals he saw visions of the destruction of his city and the authors of its doom. [1a] He awoke to find himself accused of betraying his men. [1b]

The Witch Hunter, Hanniver Toll took an interest in the case, noting the man’s record and the large reward – 30,000 Glimmerings – for his capture. He found him in a poor-house owned by Goodlady Morwen who was an acquaintance of Toll’s, interviewed him but found the battered soldier unhelpful. [1c]

Two days later, Callis was attacked in his uncle Tor Vallen’s house, having found his relative dead with a curved dagger in his heart. Toll and his associate Kazrug saved him and he told them all he had seen, [1d] which led them to the Palace of the High Arbiter, seeking aid. There they were betrayed and imprisoned and only released by an assault on the palace by the corsairs of Arika Zenthe‎.[1e]

Callis joined Toll and loyal warriors of the city in defending it against the rising cult and played a pivotal role, even distracting the Archmage Kryn long enough for Lord-Veritant Cerrus Sentanus to break free of his spells. [1f]

General Synor cleared his record and made him a Lieutenant but he quickly found that he could no longer be happy in the role and joined Toll in his investigations. [1g]


I am offering you a position at my side. You’re quick-witted, and decent in a fight. You know the city, and you know the dangers we face..

~Toll to Armand Callis.[1g]


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