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The Flamescar Plateau, former center of the Agloraxi Empire

The Agloraxi Empire was a mighty magocracy that ruled a vast centered around the Flamescar Plateau in the Great Parch during the Age of Myth.[1]


After Grimnir slew the Mother of Salamanders, Vulcatrix, the lands of the Great Parch became fertile. And so, civilization rose. One of the greatest of these was the Agloraxi Empire.[3a] Once they were only a simple village built on a hill known as Agloraxia. The Seraphon constellation known as the Starherd's Path secretly gifted some of their arcane knowledge to act as a catalyst for the transformation of the simple village into the most powerful mageocracy in the history of the Great Parch.[8a]

The Agloraxi were obsessed with unlocking the secrets of reality and those who were unable or unwilling to embrace the arcane arts were condemned to slavery. The ruling class of Arch-Domini spent their lives in the city of Ahramentia perusing their eldritch studies and built the Colossi, vast humanoid automatons for construction and Warfare so they would not be distracted from their studies. [1]

At a point of time the Agloraxi came into conflict with an elemental monster of pure Realmstone known as Fulminax. The monster was sealed in the Broken Claw Mountains at a great cost of slaves and Colossi but none could approach it without being instantly incinerated. At the instruction of the Arch-Domini the Colossi siphoned off the energies radiating from its body to create the Sceptres of Flame which focused and amplified the beam of the Prismatikon, a continent-spanning weapon of destruction that can focus the light and heat of Aqshy itself into a lance of destructive energy that can breach the very fabric of reality. [1] With the power of their Colossi and the Prismatikon, the Agloraxi forced the many Kings and Warlords of the Great Parch to bow before them and pay them the tribute they demanded.[3a]

In a region now known as Aspiria, the Empire built a series of underground complexes, the Agloraxi Citadel Cities. These cities were built to house and shelter the Agloraxi people during even the most catastrophic calamities.[4a]

On top of the citadel, which would later become the city of Brightspear, they built the Great Orrery, to track the movement of the realms. Connected to the Orrery, and hidden deep inside the citadel, was one of the greatest achievements made by the Agloraxi, an artificially constructed Realmgate, able to open a gate to any of the Mortal Realms and the Realm of Chaos.[4a]

Eventually, the Agloraxi seemed to lose interest in their grand projects and the world below them, as they retreaded back to their flying city of Ahramentia. Ceasing their demands for Tribute and allowing other powers to rise in the Great Parch.[4b] During these later days of the Agloraxi Empire, a cabal of Bright Wizards defied the Arch-Domini and set up their own lands, Aspiria, outside the Empires control. While, they too were ruled by a council of powerful wizards, the Aspirias were far less cruel than the Agloraxi Arch-Domini.[4b]

Age of Chaos

However the Empire met its end when an army of invading Khornate daemons were obliterated by a blast from the Prismatikon. This angered Khorne to the point that the Blood God directly intervened to smash the city of Ahramentia from the sky.[1][2b] Currently their ruins are scattered across the Flamescar Plateau and many seek their weapons of death and devastation.[1]

Even the mages in their underground citadels couldn't escape the Age of Chaos. Hidden from the world, their experiments became more and more ruthless. Their workshops saw the most deviant experiments, and the creation of flesh-crafted abominations. When Chaos arrived in Aspiria, many mages willingly gave themselves to Tzeentch.[4b]

The fall of the Agloraxi Empire and their magical constructs allowed the Chaos Lord Selpher Zaronax to rise to prominence.[2b]


Ruins of the Titanworks in the Great Parch
  • Ahramentia: A great city of sorcerous design that was raised to drift in the sky. Contained libraries with ancient texts, galleries of ancient relics and other marvels. It was inhabited by the mage elite of the Agloraxi. Destroyed by a manifested fist of Khorne himself after they used the Prismatikon on a army of his daemons. Now its ruins lie on the arid lands of the western province of Aridian.[1][2b]
  • Caverns of Fulminax: The prison of Fulminax below the Broken Claw Mountains. [1]
  • Eyes of the Prismatikon: Scattered across the Plateau and each bears a crystal lens at its apex and a and a crystal-glass prism at the base. Each one is a powerful weapon but with only the fraction of the power that can be unleashed when the entire system of eyes are properly aligned. [1]
  • Infinity Gears: Pre-dating the Agloraxi themselves, the Empire used the calculations of the mechanism to predict the movement of the Eternia Realmway. Allowing the Prismatikon to strike even far away targets with surgical precision.[1]
  • Titanworks: Gigantic manufacturing halls, powered with Realmstone, the Agloraxi used these machines to create their Colossi automatons.[3a]
  • Agloraxi Citadels: The underground shelters in Aspiria.[4a]
  • Brightspear: The greatest of the Agloraxi Citadels in Aspiria, location of the Great Orrery, and the Agloraxi Realmgate.[4a]


The Agloraxi were known to enslave anyone who dared to defy them. Only those, with strong magical powers were respected, those without were enslaved.[4a] The ruler of the Agloraxi Empire was known as Arch-Domini, whose staves of office were the Sceptres of Flame. Artefacts that could summon the power of the Prismatikon at will.[3a]