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Floating City of Baatar.

The Floating Market of Bataar or the Floating City of Bataar was originally a seaborne city roaming the Ocean of Swords, created by the merchant lords of Bataar to bring their products to their customers. After a grand deal with wizard lords of Aspiria the city was enchanted so that it could fly. It was a trader's armada held aloft by it resources and wealth which are said to be limitless.[1b]

It used to transport many vials and urns of sacred Aqua Ghyranis.[1b]


Age of Chaos

The forces of Nurgle invade from the land of Cotha and attack the Floating Market and it escort fleet the Iron Armada. The wrecks of this battle name the region of Bataar as the Armada's Bane. Many of the vessels containing Aqua Ghyranis come to coast, and while they are eagerly recovered, some are already tainted with diseases.[1b]

Age of Sigmar

Typically found on the southern edge of Bataar, the Bataari sometimes chose to bring their city somewhere else. Recently, the Floating Market has moved to Aspiria, near the city of Brightspear. If caused by the city's recent growth, or the newly opened Highport, no one can quite tell.[2a] Visible lingering in the skies above Brightspear, many Sky-vessels are moving between the Floating Market and the Highport, exchanging goods, persons, and messages. Eager to establish cordial relations with these new bastions of Order in the Great Parch, the bataari Merchants have helped paying for the construction of the Cauldron in Brightspear.[2a]

Due to its close proximity to Brightspear, the forces of Tzeentch have started to target the Floating Market. So far, its magical protections have prevented any lasting damage.[2a]


The Bataari were once ruled by a number of Merchant-Kings, controlling large swaths of lands and riches. Following the calamity of the Age of Chaos, the surviving royal bloodlines now rule together trough the Bataar Trader's Guild. The rank and influence of each member of the Wide Table is determined trough an annual ritual, called the 'Game of Razored Gifts'. A persons influence is determined by how generous their offered tribute is.[2a]


The Iron Armada is the escort fleet that guards the Floating Market of Bataar, but it was destroyed in the week-long sea battle with a Plague Fleet.