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Runecraft, or Rune Magic, is a form of magic wherein the practitioner carves runes of power upon objects. The art is most associated with the Duardin of the Dispossessed and Fyreslayers.[1b][1c][2a][5a] But other forces of Order have been known to make use of the craft.[3a][4a]

Carving Runes

When a rune is placed upon an object, whether through etching, carving, engraving, or inscribing, it confers power onto it. They can make the item harder or sharper, convince it to put itself back together or bless the item with magic qualities.[1a][1b][1c][4a][5b]

Known Dispossessed Runes

  • Rune of Banishment: When carved upon weapons these runes are capable of unbinding Endless Spells.[4a]
  • Rune of Biting: A rune typically carved into weapons.[1d]
  • Rune of Cutting: A rune typically carved into weapons.[1a]
  • Rune of Fire: A rune typically carved into weapons.[1a]
  • Rune of Hardness: A rune typically carved into weapons.[1a]
  • Rune of Permanence: Runes of this sort are placed on works that are meant to last a long time, such as on the archway to an ancestral tomb.[5b]
  • Rune of Repair: When drawn upon a broken object a rune of repair can convince the item to knit itself back together in minutes.[1c]
  • Rune of Sharpness: A rune typically carved into weapons.[1a]
  • Rune of Smiting: A rune typically carved into weapons.[1d]
  • Rune of Speed: A rune typically carved into weapons.[1a]

Zharrgrim Runecraft

The Runecraft, or Rune-shaping, of the Fyreslayers falls under the concern of the Zhargrim priesthood. The most well-known form of this Runecraft is the shaping of Ur-Gold into runes to be pounded into the flesh of warriors.[5a][6a][7a]

Known Fyreslayer Runes

  • Rune of Awakened Steel[8a]
  • Rune of Farsight[8a]
  • Rune of Fiery Determination[8a]
  • Rune of Fury[8a]
  • Rune of Grimnir[9a]
  • Rune of Immolation[9a]
  • Rune of Iron Skin[8a]
  • Rune of Kinship[9c]
  • Rune of Ownership[9c]
  • Rune of Relentless Zeal[8a]
  • Rune of Searing Heat[8a]
  • Rune of Speed[9b]
  • Rune of Stoicism[9a]
  • Rune of Stone[9a]


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