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Sigmarsday is a monthly celebration of Sigmar's Tempest, which is considered the start of the Age of Sigmar, sometime in the last week of the month. It is celebrated in most cities of Order in one form or another.[1a][2a][4a]

Festivities by City and Culture

During this monthly celebration the Most Devoted of the Devoted of Sigmar make their way through the streets of most Free Cities, swinging their Absolution Censers to spew forth cleansing incense upon celebrants.[3a]

  • In the Free City of Brightspear, every Sigmarsday is celebrated by the Spearians, the homogeneous residents of the city, with athletic events and theatre.[2a]


Over the years many Chaos Cults have chosen to stage their attacks during Sigmarsday festivities. In many cases these uprisings were met with ardent defense from the Most Devoted, whose Absolution Censers double as weapons.[3a]