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The Age of Myth is one of the three Great Epochs of the Mortal Realms, one shrouded by legend and remembered in song and tale. It was a Golden Age when great alliances were formed, colossal cities founded and mighty works of magic constructed. It was succeeded by the Age of Chaos. It started when Sigmar started exploring the realms and ended with the Battle of Burning Skies and the dominion of chaos over the Realms.[1][14b]


  • The Sowing: Alarielle plants soulpod glades across the Realm of Ghyran from these come the first Sylvaneth, the Oakenbrow Glade and Gnarlroot Glade.[2]
  • The Fall: Morathi crashes into the Umbralic Sea in the Realm of Ulgu she conjures mist elementals and shadow daemons for company.[11a]
  • The Awakening: Tyrion awakens in the Realm of Hysh with his brother Teclis and they begin to explore that realm. Malerion also awakens in the Realm of Ulgu and discovers his mother, Morathi.[1]
  • The Journey: Sigmar explores the Mortal Realms[1]
  • Grimnir strides forth to repay his debt to Sigmar by slaying the fire wyrm, Vulcatrix, mother of Salamanders, both seem to perish in the ensuing battle.[1]
  • Brothers in Arms: Sigmar and Nagash wage war together and defeat many powerful entities including The King of Broken Constellations, the Devouring Light, The Abyssal Dukes and Symr, the First Fire.[13a]
  • Wars of the Dead: Nagash and his Mortarchs conquer the Realm of Shyish.[4]
  • The Banishment of Shadespire: Nagash is angered by the cities Katophrane rulers avoiding death and banishes the city to the void between the Realm of Hysh and the Realm of Ulgu.[5]
  • The Conclave Sigmar returns to the Realm of Azyr and levels the summit of mount Celestain to provide a venue to gather the Pantheon - gods, demi-gods and zodiacal monsters.[1]
  • The Accords: The eight mortal realms are each appointed a protector.[1]
  • Mirror of Bayla: The most powerful mage of Realm of Ghyran Sanasay Bayla quests for Realm's End aided by many of the Pantheon. At the end of his long journey he discovers the growing threat of Tzeentch and crafts a magical mirror for the gods to view anywhere they wish.[6]
  • The Blood Rose Prince: The first Abhorrant Ghoul King fell from favour in Shyish, his mind broken he is transformed into a monster by Nagash, he rampages across the Nightlands before being confined in the Shroudcage.[3]
  • Morathi revealed: Attempting to seduce Nagash, Morathi is struck down by the enraged god and her true form revealed - she flees from the Pantheon.[11a]
  • The Great Waaagh!: A campaign of destruction that wrecks the Mortal Realms is started by Gorkamorka after he grows tired of the order and laws of the Great Alliance.[1b]
  • Alarielle becomes disenchanted with the Pantheon and retreats more and more to her Realm.[1][14b]
  • Malerion, Morathi, Teclis, Tyrion and several cabals of sorcerers capture Slaanesh and imprison him in the Hidden Gloaming and begin to extract aelven souls[1]][11b]
  • Urrgrak Bonefist becomes the first champion of Gorkamorka and is given the magical axe Worldchoppa.[8]
  • Teclis uses the reclaimed aelf souls to create a new race - the Cythai in the Realm of Hysh but they flee from him into the depths of the Gealus Ocean[12]
  • The Bonebark March: The undead and sylvaneth march to war together to crush a horde of beastmen at Sunderstone Peak[7]
  • The three remaining Chaos Gods take an interest in the mortal realms and incursions led by their greater daemons including Kairos Fateweaver and the Ghorgrax begin.[1]
  • Coastlines across the Mortal Realms are raided by the Idoneth Deepkin, the descendants of the Cythai - however most attacks are blamed on the forces of Chaos.[12]
  • Many signs of the Everchosen's arrival could be seen and heard and seen across the Mortal Realms, like whispers heard in the night saying "the Everchosen comes!" or dreams of a great blade cleaving the realms plaguing the sleep of seers and wise men[9]
  • The End: A mighty rent is torn in the barrier between realms, the realmgates themselves shuddering, as a vast horde of Chaos led by Archaon invade reality from the Realm of Chaos.[1][9]
  • Archaon leads the hordes of Chaos, mortal and daemonic from the Realm of Chaos through breaches in reality to the Mortal Realms.[1]
  • The Nexus Wars begin as the forces of Chaos attempt to capture the bridge between the realms - Allpoints.[1]
    • The Shyish Arcway is taken by Chaos as it appears Nagash switches sides to aid the forces of entropy.[1]
  • Sigmar invades the Realm of Shyish in retaliation and begins the War of Heaven and the Underworlds[1]
    • The Skaven attack the strongholds of Nagash and begin the War of Bones.[1]
    • Sigmar releases the first abhorrant king from the shroudcage, now known as the Carrion King he spawns many flesh-eater courts across the realms.[3]
  • The Allpoints falls to Chaos and becomes a route from the Realm of Chaos to the other realms.[1]
  • Sigmar returns to fight Chaos which is ravaging the other realms.[1]
  • Battle of Burning Skies: Gods and mortals alike unite under Sigmar to fight Chaos. [4a][10]
    • Sigmar duels the mighest Daemon Lords of the Chaos gods, defeating An'ggrath (Khorne), Feculox (Nurgle), Luxicious (Slaanesh) and Kiathanus (Tzeentch)[4a]
    • Archaon confronts Sigmar and during the duel, he conjures an illusion that results in Sigmar throwing Ghal Maraz into a warp rift where it is lost.[4a][14b]
    • The forces of the Great Alliance retreat before those of Chaos.[1c]