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Goldjacket is a term used to collectively refer to the Freeguilders of Hammerhal Aqsha, who are so prolific and comprise such a massive proportion of the God-King's mortal military that they are who most folk in the Mortal Realms picture when they think of the Freeguilds.[3a]


The people of Hammerhal are a proudly militant people and their Freeguilds are among the best equipped among the Cities of Sigmar. The Goldjackets are fiercely proud of their heritage and are famed for their unwillingness to retreat even in the face of impossible odds.[1a][3a]


Though the Goldjackets are wildly renowned as line infantry, the term refers to a vast array of different formations and soldiery operating out of Hammerhal Aqsha.[1a][3a]


It is the gleaming breastplates that they wear into battle that earned the Freeguilds of Hammerhal Aqsha the nickname of Goldjackets.[3a]

Notable Goldjackets

  • Broran Jeth: Greatsword veteran of the guild tasked with hunting down a warband that captured the son of an Azyrite noble household. [2a]
  • Trovan Joth: A Marksman Sergeant who is deeply proud of the Goldjackets reputation.[4a]


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