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Skink 01.png
A Skink Skirmisher.
Grand alliance Order
Associated factions Seraphon
Origins Old Ones' creations
Languages Celestial Tongues
Type Mortal

Skinks are nimble and clever Seraphon serving in a wide array of positions, from simple Skirmishers to Spellcasters.[1a][1b]


Skinks form the greatest portion of Seraphon society. A skink is normally shorter than a duardin, but what they lack in stature they make up for in quickness, cleverness, and intellect. The skink are even capable of learning the languages of other races. With their dexterity and intellect combines, the skink can excel in the role of artisans, labourers and scribes. It is for this reason that the skink oversee the expansion of a temple-city from the moment of its first landing and it is they who attempt to maintain the technological artefacts of the Old Ones. While the skink may not fully understand the inner workings of the Old One devices, they re fully committed to the Great Plan, and the command of a slann is justification enough for any task laid out.[2c]

Due to their physical frailty, skinks are not naturally confident warriors and will try to avoid physical confrontation where possible, although they will selflessly throw themselves into melee in times of desperation. When the skinks coalesce into other realms beyond Azyr and lose the light of Azyr within themselves. However, the skink have turned these qualities to their advantage, becoming talented skirmishers and excelling at ranged combat. In combat, a standard skink cohort can utilize celestine javelins forged by their very hands or venous darts from a boltspitter. Those skinks who do engage in melee combat will often swarm their enemy and attack them with their snapping jaws and their small, deadly moonstone clubs.[2c]


Many subspecies of skink possess their unique qualities and abilities, each of which is vital to furthering the Great Plan. These can range from the stealthy Chameleon Skinks,[2c] to the twin-tailed Skink Oracles.[2b] While the members skink priesthood may be more magically talented, they may not be considered a distinct sub-species skink with known physical variations.[2b]


A general hierarchy exists amongst skink society. While the slann are certainly the masters of Seraphon society, within skink society it is their priesthood that holds the highest regard and ranks.[2b][2c] Dominating all of Seraphon society will be Slann Starmasters, each of may be attended to by several Skink Starseers and on occasion especially talented Skink Starpriests.[2a][2b] A Skink Starseer, which are regarded with awe amongst the skinks, will be attended by several Skink Starpriests. A Skink Starpriest will be attended by several Skink Priests.[2b] Finally, several Skink Chiefs, the biggest and strongest skinks, will often serve a Skink Priest to carry out their will in times of war.[2c]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Maq'uat Seraphon Skink Priest Skink A Skink starpriest in the service of Lord Xuatamos who in the Time of Tribulations took up the role of his master.
Takatakk Seraphon Skink Priest Skink Skink priest in the service of Lord Kurkori, representing his cunning in the Dreaming Constellation.
Taktak'rillo Seraphon Skink Priest Skink The favourite Skink of Lord Xen'phantica, although he has been slain many times, he is always brought back by his master.



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