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Masudro Yaleh is a Excelsior Warpriest of Sigmar.[1]

He is empathetic and adept at establishing common cause between disparate peoples.[1]


A powerfully built dark skinned man with weathered features who is clothed in white and blue robes with a small sigmarite hammer that hangs on a cord around his neck. He carries a heavy warhammer and is accompanied by an adolescent female gryph-hound, Goldclaw.[1]


For decades he spent decades keeping the peace in the shadowed quarters and cosmopolitan marketsprawls of outer Azyrheim.[1]gha

He and his hound marched out of Azyrheim through the Clarion Realmgate accompanying an army heading for their staging area in the Sha'dena Valley to join the siege of Darkenrift. They both found themselves in the Silver Tower where they encountered and joined Vargi Sornsson, a Fyreslayer Doomseeker of the Volturung Lodge, Hathrek, Darkoath Chieftain of the Gadalhor and Avanius, a Knight-Questor of the Hallowed Knights.[1]


I have faith. I am Masudro Yaleh. I am a warrior priest of Sigmar, and all I see is rendered clear in his light. Was there foulness in you, I would have seen it from the first.

~ Masudro to Vargi Sornsson.[1]


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