Great Lyrian Road

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The Great Lyrian Road is a flat, serpentine road of raised stone that extends outward from the Free City of Glymmsforge across the Zircona Desert, found in the Lyria underworld of Shyish's Prime Innerlands.[1b]


Age of Sigmar

In the wake of the Necroquake the forces of Death began to assail many of the outposts and forts along the Great Lyrian Road, with many falling to the undead hordes, in the early stages of what would lead to the Second Siege of Glymmsforge.[1a]


Oases skillfully crafted by Duardin, forts, and trading enclaves dot the road.[1a][1b]


The oases, trade enclaves, and forts that dot the roads are garrisoned by whoever the merchant families of Glymmsforge can convince to take up the work. Typically these are minor Fyreslayer clans and mercenary bands of Freeguilders.[1b]


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