Great Excelsis Road

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The Great Excelsis Road (dotted line) stretches from Izalend to Excelsis.

The Great Excelsis Road is a land route that extends across the Coast of Tusks, beginning in the Free City of Excelsis and extending all the way to the Free City of Izalend in the bay known as Icefangs.[1a][2a]


The Great Excelsis Road is a lengthy trade route that stretches from the great Izalend and is the only route of its kind within the Realm of Beasts. It is also known to pass through the lands of Hyesca and Qallifae. The road loosely follows the Coast of Tusks, save where it swings inland away from the disreputable pirate haven of Bilgeport. The two ends of the road were once lined with statues depicting valiant Sigmarite heroes and many still stand nearer to Izalend; however, the majority of those close to Excelsis have fallen, either by being torn down by the forces of Destruction, or due to collapsing because of the ever-encroaching marshlands emanating out from the Drowned Lands which border much of the road.[4a][5a]


The road was initially built to facilitate trade and the movements of troops between the two Izalend and Excelsis — it was once regularly patrolled. Still, Excelsis’ forces have taken such a beating that only heavily armed trade caravans are accompanied by troops now and there is always a need for skilled escorts. The trade road is now under constant attack by Orruk raiders, Ogors, Gitmobs, Gargants, and other predators who know meals frequent it. Stakeforts were once placed at random intervals along the way. The majority now lie in ruins, though a few still hold small garrisons of Freeguilders which allow travellers a brief respite from the many dangers of Ghur. Axebeaks and Screecher Lizards are common along the road, valued by hunters for their tough hides. Neither are particularly dangerous, but their shrieks frequently call larger predators and they’re considered a menace for that alone.[4a]

Due to the great importance of construction materials safely arriving in Excelsis, the city had taken to hiring Magmadroth-riding Fyreslayer mercenaries of the Lofnir lodge to accompany large shipments of them. This has definitely helped discourage more bestial predators. Unfortunately, it has also attracted the attention of a large Beast-breakaz tribe of Orruk Kruleboyz, the Three-Hookz, who are determined to get their squalmy hands on a few Magmadroths.[4a]


Era of the Beast

Sometime after the Siege of Excelsis, a number of Dawnbringer Crusades are assembled to construct Sigmarite Strongpoints along the Great Excelsis Road, to bring stability and security to the road and the regions surrounding it.[3a]


Throughout its long history, the Free City of Excelsis has supported a number of settlements along the Great Excelsis Road. These have included outposts, strongpoints|strongpoint, satellite colonies, and even dependent states. But not all have survived the depredations of the enemies of Order, with many once proud settlements along the road laying in ruin.[4a][5a]