Stormrift Realmgate

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The Stormrift Realmgate is a realmgate that connects the Realm of Ghyran to the Realm of Aqshy. The Aqshyan side of the city provides a constant stream of molten rock through the gate, while the Ghyran provides a steady supply of foodstuff through it.[1]


During the Age of Myth, Aqua Ghyranis was heavily imported through this Realmgate and used as the mainstay currency of this region.[2]

Before the Age of Sigmar, many Orruks tribes used the realmgate in their savage migrations, until the Hammers of Sigmar purged the surroundings lands of greenskin influence during the Realmgate Wars. A City of Sigmar grew on both sides of this gate and was named after the heroes that made this possible, the Hammerhal.[1]